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Gibraltar Skywalk Official Opening by Mark Hamill, with Koala Construction in attendance

The Gibraltar Skywalk was officially opened to the public by Luke Skywalker himself, who was keen to meet the Koala Construction team behind the design and construction of the project. The event was attended by the Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo and John Cortes, Minister for Heritage. 

Mark Hamill attended an event on John Mackintosh square the previous day for the Skywalk promotion, receiving a very warm reception from the local crowd, as he talked about Star Wars, the new movie and his first time visiting Gibraltar. Boogie Storm (Britain's Got Talent Finalists) provided the entertainment with a dance extravaganza for the crowd beforehand.

International News and Going Viral Online

The opening was extremely popular and was featured in many news outlets such as The Daily Mail and El Mundo whilst also reaching the frontpage of Reddit and most viral on Imgur. The event was also covered in-depth by our own local Gibraltar Chronicle.

A Modern Attraction to bring Tourism to The Rock

The Gibraltar Skywalk is a new tourist attraction based at Mounty Misery, just a short walk down from the Ape's Den. It features a fantastic viewing platform for amazing photo opportunities of The Rock and the surrounding area, as well as an overhanging glass walkway over the East side facing Sandy Bay for a thrill seeking, unique experience. There is also a lift facility installed for those that require it to ensure everyone can enjoy the new attraction.

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